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5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Outfit for Your Photoshoot

The #1 thing I get asked as a photographer is "What should we wear?" and I'm here to give you my 5 most valuable tips for picking out your photoshoot fits!

1 - Stick with Solid Neutrals

Neutral colors are always the way to go for any photoshoot. Think thinks like cream, tan and ivory, muted olive green and rusty reds, mustard and deep blues.

I also recommend avoiding conflicting prints. A dress with some little flowers is cute, but skip the stripes and avoid having more than one piece of clothing with print.

2 - Dress Comfy

You want to wear something that makes you feel good, so don't try to shove yourself into tight pants that show off what you don't want to show off! Opt for loser, flowy pants instead.

3 - Dress Appropriately

When you're picking a dress, make sure it covers everything! Often times it's a little windy outside and women spend more time holding down their short skirt than they do enjoying their shoot. This goes for skirts with slits, too! Don't be afraid to pin things so that you don't have to keep fixing, too.

The same goes for tops. I see women pulling up the top of their shirts throughout their whole shoot to hide undergarments! Try to pick something that will stay up through the whole shoot no matter how much you move.

4 - Coordinate doesn't mean Match

I see a lot of couples trying to match, but you really don't need to! It looks even cuter if you just try to coordinate instead. Peek at some examples below!

If you want to wear blue jeans, your fiancé could wear an ivory dress. If everyone wants to wear jeans, try switching up the shade and shape.

5 - Think Seasonal

One of the most important thing is to keep the season in mind! I know it's sad to have your engagement shoot in the winter if you wanted to wear a short dress, but I promise your photos will come out so much better if you're wearing weather appropriate clothing. Pick some jeans and a cute peacoat and a pair of booties for a colder day. Don't be afraid to add some gloves and a hat to pull the whole thing together!

On the flip side, go for light, flowy dresses and short sleeve button ups for summer nights, and forget the shoes - let's go barefoot!


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