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Todays moments,
tomorrows memories

What makes us different?

You know our photos are great, but so are the other girls with lower pricing. What makes us so special?

Time   Have you ever been to a wedding and 2 months later the bride puts 2 photos up on Facebook? No way! Keep the energy going by having a handful of photos online within days of your wedding with our "social share" option that is now included in all of our wedding packages!

The Extra Mile   It's the day of your wedding... and it's raining! Your hair and makeup are going to get ruined as you run into the reception hall!  Don't panic! Nicole Pelissier and her photographers always keep white umbrellas on hand incase of rain. Our team has been known to run out to buy snacks for the bridal party, sew buttons back onto jackets and even Tide Pen a wedding gown stain!


Organization  The day of your wedding is stressful enough. Let us help keep the stress level down by creating a custom photography timeline for your big day! Our team of photographers will work to keep you and your bridal party on schedule so that you can focus on enjoying your day and living in the moment without even having to check your watch.


Still don't believe us? Read our reviews on and to see what people have to say!

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