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Boudoir Sessions

Confident, Flirty & Fun

I know my clients are nervous when we start a boudoir shoot. Heck, there’s a stranger in the room staring at your body, it’s only natural to feel nervous! In our boudoir shoot, we will take the session at your pace. If you want to start with something covering your body like a robe or a blanket, that’s fine! Once you get more comfortable you are free to take off layers.

Posing can be a scary thing for first time boudoir posers. And that’s okay! We will work together to pose you into positions you feel comfortable in that will flatter your figure.

Remember - you are the only one who will see these images. So if there are a few you don’t love later, you can delete them! Poof! Like they never existed. Feeling super sexy later? Share them as much as you want. Or as little. I will never share your photos with anyone, unless you ask me to!    ;)

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