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Ready for content that sets your brand apart?

We take trips all around the world, capturing your product in unique places for a faction of the price you would pay to send your own photographer.


Then we provide you with content for posting AND share your products on our social media pages.

What is a Content Trip?

It's exactly what it sounds like - a trip specifically to create content.

We take a 1-3 week trips in really cool places and plan different photoshoots every day with different models in different places. One photo shoot might be on a hike into the mountains for adventure vibes, while another might be on the beach in a tent for camping vibes. Each of these photoshoots is tailored to the brands we bring with us on our trips.

Clients send product with us on our content trips and we send them high resolution photos to use anywhere they'd like, including advertising, social media, websites and packaging. It's an easy way for companies to get different content in different places without having to pay for the trip themselves!


Upcoming Trips

Thailand + Bali

November 2023

This trip has a super exciting and luxurious feel to it! We have partnered with the most amazing, luxurious villas. 

        - Boating around Thai Islands

        - Luxurious pools with rainforest views

        - Snorkeling + Swimming

        - Waterfalls

        - Beaches

        - Bamboo House with Rose Petal Pool


December 2023

Join us while we explore the oldest rainforest on earth!

        - River Safari Cruises

        - Tiny hopper airplanes

        - Rainforest Treks

        - Jungle Lodges + Hotels

        - Orangutans!


January 2024

This trip is going to have family vacation vibes! We'll be staying on on Marco Island with my 3 year old nephew, my sister, her husband, my parents and my husband! Awesome opportunities for family + kid focused beach shots.


April 2024

Picture your product hiking Machu Pichu, visiting Lake Titicaca and the Bolivia Salt Flats. Now sign up!

Costa Rica

May 2024

We're in the process of planning trip with health, relaxing vibes, beach days + stunning jungle views!

Choose trips that interest you:

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This sounds cool, but we already have an in-house photographer.

No worries, almost all of our clients have their own photographers working in their offices, but they still choose to use us for additional photography!

Think about it this way - on average, it costs a company $5000 to send a photographer on a content trip. We handle the planning, airfare, models, hotels, props, rental cars, and other travel expenses so you don't have to. For a fraction of the price, you can have an item photographed in different settings all over a world without having to do the work of booking the trip.

What makes you different than
other content creators?

1) I plan the trips + shoots for you

2) You don't pay any travel costs

3) My photos are real, high quality, professional photos - not just shot on an iPhone.

4) I'm an Ex-Marketing Director gone rouge, so I'm able to make content decisions that are best for your brand

5) I'll promote your content to our travel focused followers!

So... you're an influencer?

No, I'm a professional photographer, but I just happen to have grown my following on m travel instagram account in a huge way over the last 4 years of incredible travel, so I decided to add on influencer-like options to my clients. You can see our Media Kit here.


This gives me a leg up because I can offer one stop shopping to my clients. I plan the trips, take the photos and videos, post them for my followers, AND you get high quality content to use on your own marketing. It's two things your brand needs anyway for the price of one!

Okay, we're sold. Now what?

Let's get you booked for a content trip! A list of upcoming trips and a contact form can be found below. 

Or fill out the form below

and we'll send you a

personalized quote

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