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Ready for photos that set your brand apart?

We're here for it. We take trips all around the world, photographing your product in unique places for a faction of the price you would pay to send your own photographer.

What is a Content Trip?

It's exactly what it sounds like - a trip specifically to create content.

We take a 1-3 week trips in really cool places and plan different photoshoots every day with different models in different places. One photo shoot might be on a hike into the mountains for adventure vibes, while another might be on the beach in a tent for camping vibes. One might be poolside at a fancy hotel for a vacation feel, and another in the back of a camper van on the road for a road trip feel. Each of these photoshoots is tailored to the brands we bring with us on our trips.

Clients send product with us on our content trips and we send them high resolution photos to use anywhere they'd like, including advertising, social media, websites and packaging. It's an easy way for companies to get different content in different places without having to pay for the trip themselves!


This sounds cool, but we already have an in-house photographer.

No worries, almost all of our clients have their own photographers working in their offices, but they still choose to use us for additional photography!

Think about it this way - on average, it costs a company $8000 to send a photographer on a content trip. We handle the planning, airfare, models, hotels, props, camper vans, rental cars, and other travel expenses so you don't have to. For a fraction of the price, you can have an item photographed in different settings all over a world without having to do the work of booking the trip. Not to mention without the expense of the trip.

We are professional photographers who work with big name brands and offer our clients multiple content trips a year, not to mention studio product photography at our headquarters in Boston, MA.

That being said, since we've been visiting the coolest places for about 6 years, our travel instagram account has BLOWN UP and we now also offer influencer packages. You can see our Media Kit here.


This gives us a leg up because we can offer a social media influencer approach in addition to incredible photos. We take the photos and videos, we post them for our followers, AND you get high quality content to use on your own page. It's two things your brand needs anyway for the price of one!

Let's get you booked for a content trip! A list of our upcoming trips can be found below. 

Use the contact form below to get started. Think about the items you would like to send and we will walk you through the rest! We will let you know which sizes we will need for our models if it is a clothing item, and where to send product before the cut off date. We send over a quote and a contract and you will be getting amazing photos before you know it!

Okay, we're sold. Now what?

Are you influencers?

Upcoming Trips 

Egypt + Jordan

March 30th, 2023

  • Cairo, Egypt

    • Hotel room with Pyramid view

    • Camel Ride with Pyramid Backdrop

    • Visiting the Pyramids + Sphinx ​​

    • Nile River Boat Tour​

    • Cairo Airport

  • Dead Sea, Jordan

    • Movenpick Hotel Shoot in room with balcony overlooking sea​

    • Movenpick Pool Shoot overlooking sea

    • Floating on the Dead Sea

  • Petra, Jordan

    • Exploring the city of Petra​

  • Wadi Rum, Jordan

    • Bubble Hotel in the desert​

    • Camel Ride in the desert

    • Hiking in the desert

    • ATV in the desert

    • Relaxing in hot tub at Bubblle Hotel

May 14th, 2023

My fiancé and I are getting married at the Blue Venado in Paamul and have opened our wedding up to collaborations! We have out full photo and video team attending to cover the event. 

So far we have the following paid collaborations:

  • Wedding Bands

  • Video Album

  • Cuddle Clone "cat dupes" to walk down the aisle

  • Wedding Dress

  • Floral Design

  • VW Van Photobooth

Open to any sort of jewelry, shoes, grooms wear, wedding favors, veil, guest book, signage, floral preservatives, photo album, reception dress, bridal details, pre- wedding outfits/bathing suits etc


June 1st, 2023

For our honeymoon, we're going to the following spots and have a VERY limited number of clients we're open to taking. 

  • Lake Como

    • ​Hotel Borgo Le Terrazze​​

    • Boat trip and picnic on the Lake 

    • Brunate Funicular + Volta Lighthouse

    • Exploring Bellagio

    • Train to Florence

  • Tuscany

    • Hotel ​Agriturismo Mormoraia

    • Wine Tasting

    • Pasta Making Class

    • Exploring Tuscany

    • Hotel Pool

  • Florence

    • Antica Torre Di Via Tornabuoni

    • Exploring Florence

    • Balcony Overlooking City

    • Train to Amalfi Coast

  • Almafi Coast

    • Hotel L'Ancora

    • Deck with Hot Tub over looking Amalfi Coast

    • Exploring Positano

    • Sunset boat on Positano Coast

    • Path of God's Hike

November 2023

We are in the middle of planning a HUGE 15 day content trip all over Thailand, the Thai Islands, Bali and Malaysia. Think - Asian Tropical Adventure.

Mexico // Wedding

Thailand, Indonesia + Malaysia

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  • 10 High Resolution Images

  • Rights to all Photos

1 Small, Portable Item 

- $200 -

1 Medium, Carry On Item

- $300 -

1 Large, Shippable Item

- $500 -

  • 2 High Resolution Images

  • 2 Instagram Reels Posted

  • 2 Instagram Stories Posted

  • Rights to all Content

1 Small, Portable Item 

- $400 -

1 Medium, Carry On Item

- $500 -

1 Large, Shippable Item

- $700 -

Content Packages

Photo Only Package

Insta Only Package

  • 15 High Resolution Images

  • 4 Instagram Reels Posted

  • 8 Instagram Stories Posted

  • Rights to all Content

1 Small, Portable Item 

- $800 -

1 Medium, Carry On Item

- $1000 -

1 Large, Shippable Item

- $1400 -

All In Package

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